Volunteering in Charleston

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My name is Keory and I am an 8th grade student at Orange Grove Charter School. I joined YVC of Charleston in June 2016 and have volunteered a total of 74 hours since! My goal in volunteering is to enjoy giving back in service. I have attended two years of the Summer Service-Learning Institute and my favorite event is preparing food at the Ronald McDonald House where families of sick children come to stay. Doing volunteer work can be relaxing, meaningful, interesting, and energizing. It helps me to escape my Saturday chores but the opportunity to serve others also provides me renewed creativity, motivation, and a vision that I can carry over in my personal life.

I originally started volunteering with my mom. At first, I was convinced that I was not going to like anything about being a volunteer, but after I arrived at the project site and we started passing out school supplies, I questioned the reason why we had to do what we were doing. As my mom explained to me what it was like to not have the necessary things that some families can’t provide, I wanted to do more. Being able to volunteer and help others is a wonderful feeling.



Some of my favorite experiences volunteering with YVC of Charleston include:

Spending my Saturday at the Ronald McDonald House to prepare breakfast for families of children that are in the hospital, so they don’t have to worry about a meal.  Providing this type of comfort and caring for families helps me to sleep well at night.



I also love playing bingo with senior citizens in my community. I look forward to days that we do not have to go to school because I know I am going to spend time with my senior.

I enjoy face painting at our School Supply Drive in August. It’s great to see the kids coming out to celebrate the end of the summer and time for them to get ready and excited for the first day back to school.



Lastly, the Low Country Blessing Box Project was such a blessing to me and other YVC youth volunteers. These Blessing Boxes are anonymous donation sites for non-perishable food items, toiletries, and small baby care items. We refurbished a cabinet last summer and used it as a blessing box for Laundry Matters on Charleston’s Eastside. Laundry Matters is the only laundromat within walking distance for eastside residents so it is a staple in the community for residents to not only wash their clothes but to pick up a few nonperishable items while they are there. YVC of Charleston continues to stock the pantry each month with nonperishable foods.


Volunteering with YVC Charleston plays a big and important role in my life!


Keory Headshot
Keory is an active youth volunteer with YVC of Charleston. He serves on his local Youth Advisory Board, YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board and is a YVC Brand Ambassador. 

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