Random Acts of Kindness – small and local

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Between extracurricular activities and managing school work, finding time to volunteer can be difficult. In many communities, small non-profit organizations exist in the crevices of buildings. In my community, Ben’s Bells is the small shop on the top of a hill, tucked away in the rear of a commercial complex.

Cat Silva2

Ben’s Bells mission is to educate individuals on the impact of intentional kindness and inspire people to practice kindness. This project has always been my favorite. We create and paint kindness coins. These coins are given to those who were observed completing a random act of kindness.

Cat Silva

This project has always been a favorite for others in my community and myself. Ben’s Bells is safe space, the shop has open studio hours and everyone is welcomed to create bells. Random acts of kindness includes anything from holding a door for someone, giving a compliment or simply smiling and saying hello to a stranger. Kindness constructs bonds that directly and indirectly impact others. How will you spread kindness?


Catarina Silva
Catarina Silva is an active volunteer with Youth Volunteer Corps of Danbury. She currently serves on YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board and is a YVC Brand Ambassador.

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