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My entire life, I have felt young. I have always looked forward to getting older, growing up, getting out into the world, but only now, do those things, those experiences, seem real. Being a 15 year old girl, big opportunities are coming my way rapid fire all of a sudden. I am now getting ready to take my driving permit test, and I am looking into career information because next year I will be most likely starting dual enrollment with my school and a local community college. I am also constantly surprised by what I am allowed to do now, never having thought of them as things that i ever could do, viewing them as only things that big kids could do. Now, these are simple things like riding the bus alone to the library, or meeting people at the movies, but these are things that I had just accepted as out of reach until I was older, pushing them farther away into the future. But now, at 15, I am starting to see these things as what I can do. I keep getting surprised by the things that are right around the corner, like college, and it can be kind of overwhelming at times.

Each year, every member of my family chooses a word. This word is one that we will keep in mind all throughout the new year to keep us mindful or our goals. In the past I have chosen Discipline to remind myself that I need to remain disciplined in behavior and stay on top of school work.

This year, I am choosing the word Breath. This word is going to remind me that no matter what big decisions and choices come my way in the new year, no matter what curve balls are thrown at me, all I need to do is breath and remember to live in the moment.

I realized that if I am always planning for what comes next, I am never really planning for today.

I am never appreciating these little moments that can be held on to forever. That is why in the new year, I am going to breath and remember to live now. Not giving up on planning my future, but not obsessing either. I am gonna make this year the best it can be. And next year too. And the year after that, remembering that every day is a chance to live and thrive, and I am not going to forget that.


hannah christison
Hannah Christison is a sophomore in high school in Corvallis, OR with hopes of moving to London some day. She enjoys Sabre fencing, acting, reading and volunteering with Youth Volunteer Corps.

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