Big Impact Starts Small

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Once a month, on the last Wednesday of each month the Connecticut Food Bank comes to my community, and runs a Mobile Food Pantry event. Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) is hosted by United Way of Western CT. They run the truck, handing out different food items to individuals waiting.

You may ask, how do YVC youth get involved? Our role is located inside the facility, where we are given several tasks, however our primary task is to run a craft table for the children that come with their parents. We run this table as an activity so that their parents are able to gather their items or register. Us youth play a variety of games with the children, some color sheets of paper with designs, or color a banner that is given as a thank you to the organization sponsoring the event. The two hours spent with the kids grow in how special the time is. There is no better feeling than seeing them smile as they tell you stories of people who are important to them that you most likely do not know. Each time I go, I leave with new friends, who I may not see again but hope that the time I get to spend with them made even the smallest impact because I know that each time I go, it leaves a lasting impact on me.


Catarina Silva
Catarina Silva is a high school student in Danbury, CT. She is an active member of Youth Volunteer Corps

Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash