My (not so academic) Interpretation of Sia’s Music

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In case you don’t know, I have an unusual addiction to Sia’s music. Of course, many may not see that, and in this article, I hope to help others see the power and significance of her music.

Of course, everyone has their own taste in music, I personally enjoy listening to Lana Del Rey, Léon, Lorde, Hasley, Kesha, Melanie Martinez, and of course, Sia Furler. Although many people think that she is weird with her wig and unusual celebrity presence, I think it just adds to the mystery and is not all that significant. In Sia’s songs, there are often darker and obscure themes hidden inside of upbeat songs, a contrast that is unexpected. I find that the power in her music lies not only in her unique vocal abilities but also in her talents as a songwriter. In fact, the hit song, “Diamonds” by Rihanna was written by Sia. The symbolism in her lyrics and unique mixtures of styles are very apparent, and every track she has recorded infuse many subtle aspects, lending to her many masterpieces.

Something that I have always appreciated in her music is the broad spectrum of emotions and experiences it encompasses. From slower, airy songs like Cellophane and I’m In Here, to faster, rhythmic hits like Cheap Thrills and Chandelier, Sia’s albums seem to always have a song to fit any mood. In addition to her immense variability and talent, her songs seem to always have a distinct “Sia” vibe to them. I can’t really describe the feeling but whenever her songs play, I find myself getting the chills from her haunting, unique vocals. Of course, I’m no professional on music theory or anything like that, but I know when I can appreciate such immense musical talent like that of Sia’s.

Also, her music videos are often filled with meaning, often with a mysterious meaning to be uncovered. Often, I find that the many interpretations of her video-based artwork serve as a testament to her music’s uncanny ability to connect to everyone in different ways on different levels. Her videos may appear unconventional in the landscape of most music videos, but I believe that her unique role in music serves to amplify the power and resonance of her music. Her willingness to diverge from the ordinary in her presence, music, videos, and career is inspirational and the power that she has is unbelievable.

Of course, these are all my own interpretations of her music. In addition to her immense talent, her unique role in the music industry magnifies her reach and has helped it resonate in me. Although you may not agree with my preferences in music, I encourage you to listen to some of her lesser known albums. I personally enjoy some of her lesser-known tracks more than her biggest hits, but of course, you might believe differently. I definitely recommend listening to her music, and if I were to recommend somewhere to start, I would listen to her This is Acting, 1000 Forms of Fear and We are Born Albums. (I would avoid the remixes except for the ones of Move your Body.) Or if you prefer, listen to her artist profile and shuffle through, and I’m sure you’ll find a song you will enjoy.

Music is a very important part of our lives, and I find that music can fit in almost all situations. Having started heavily listening to Sia’s music several years ago, I have been greatly impacted by it, and I am very grateful for the Spotify algorithm that introduced me to her lesser-known songs. I encourage you to try her music and step out of your comfort zone if it requires that. Good Luck and I hope you enjoy her music the same way I have!


Blog submitted by William Li, from Calgary, AB.