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Nothing to Tea Here, Move Oolong: Assessing the Veracity of Tea Myths

Myth #1: There are no negative effects to drinking tea. Answer: False, 100%. Just like anything that you have too much of, tea can lead to some negative effects. For one, you can say goodbye to having flawless teeth. Most dentists have come to a consensus that the natural pigmentation of most teas are more

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Direct vs. Indirect Volunteering

I have volunteered with YVC Philly since 2015 and in that time, I have learned quite a number of things. I grew as a person and a leader. I grew more comfortable with myself and gain a bit of confidence in public situations. Most importantly, I have learned about the issues within the communities of

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Youth Volunteer Corps – Summit 2017

When I first arrived at YVC summit I was greeted by some of the most energetic, positive people that I’ve ever met. The team leaders, adults, and all the volunteers were super welcoming and helpful. Summit embodied the true meaning of YVC perfectly and helped show me what volunteering is all about. Before going to

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The Power of Foreign Language

Each day at school I listen to my peers complain about having to go to their foreign language class. They insist that their chosen language is worthless and the class is extremely boring. Too often, once students at my school complete their requirements for foreign language credits, they quit for good. Little do they know,

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