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Socialization from the Teenage Perspective

How I have used my personal style of communication to build relationships with friends, family, and other adults Talking may seem like the single easiest, most consistent aspect of our young lives. We might find ourselves talking to a teacher about how the homework made absolutely no sense. Sometimes we talk to a crush after

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The Zero Waste Lifestyle – What is it?

The average American sends about 4.4 lbs of garbage to the landfill every day.[1] Our society has normalized the use of single-use products and we continue to increase the amount of trash sent to landfills. However, not all trash reaches the landfills;[2] garbage is often littered onto the sides of roads and urban areas or

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For (soon-to-be) High School Students

Having recently entered high school, I feel like I have some authority to talk about what I have heard, and what I have experienced so far. For context, I am currently in grade 10 in Calgary, Alberta taking the Full IB Diploma program. First of all, it’s awful. But somehow it’s also not? Although I

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