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Living in the Moment – a travel memoir

Distancing oneself from social media is very important at times. People are so often caught up in something online that it takes away from experiences in nature. During a trip in the summer of 2017, I learned that being present with others and with nature is a big part of one’s happiness.   My dad,

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Random Acts of Kindness – small and local

Between extracurricular activities and managing school work, finding time to volunteer can be difficult. In many communities, small non-profit organizations exist in the crevices of buildings. In my community, Ben’s Bells is the small shop on the top of a hill, tucked away in the rear of a commercial complex. Ben’s Bells mission is to

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The Importance of Volunteering Abroad

Traveling abroad is an amazing experience to have, especially getting to volunteer abroad as a teenager. Traveling is an amazing way to open up your perspective and get out of your safety bubble. Volunteering abroad is the perfect way to be immersed in a different country’s culture and traditions. Traveling as a teenager is a

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Nothing to Tea Here, Move Oolong: Assessing the Veracity of Tea Myths

Myth #1: There are no negative effects to drinking tea. Answer: False, 100%. Just like anything that you have too much of, tea can lead to some negative effects. For one, you can say goodbye to having flawless teeth. Most dentists have come to a consensus that the natural pigmentation of most teas are more

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The Power of Foreign Language

Each day at school I listen to my peers complain about having to go to their foreign language class. They insist that their chosen language is worthless and the class is extremely boring. Too often, once students at my school complete their requirements for foreign language credits, they quit for good. Little do they know,

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