Category: Social Issues

What Would the World Look Like Without Volunteers?

Considering National Volunteer Weeks is April 7 to 13, it’s important to recognize how necessary and important volunteerism is in society. Every aspect of society relies on volunteerism to some degree to survive. Frankly, the world would be chaos without dedicated volunteers. What would happen if volunteers simply disappeared? Seniors would be without meals, mothers

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Inclusion and Equity with Youth Leader, Connor Lang

The following question was presented by Chad Nico Hui, Director of Diversity and Inclusion with the YMCA of the USA. What do you consider to be the biggest opportunity and challenge in being a catalyst for inclusion and equity in your role as a youth leader? As a global citizen? I think the biggest opportunity

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A Better Way: YVC of St. Joseph’s fight against the Opioid Crisis

In St. Joseph, Missouri, my YVC program is working to solve the problem of safe opioid and narcotic disposal. Many business and community members do not properly dispose of medications in a way that is safe for the environment and wildlife. The most common ways of disposing of medications are flushing them down the toilet,

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