YVC of Philadelphia: Hurricane Harvey Relief

Natural disasters are often overlooked by those who were not directly affected by it. We may hear about them on the media for a few weeks; but eventually, our media refocuses on more current events. The short attention span of our social/news media nowadays does not nearly make up for the families’ recovery time of

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A Better Way: YVC of St. Joseph’s fight against the Opioid Crisis

In St. Joseph, Missouri, my YVC program is working to solve the problem of safe opioid and narcotic disposal. Many business and community members do not properly dispose of medications in a way that is safe for the environment and wildlife. The most common ways of disposing of medications are flushing them down the toilet,

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Nothing to Tea Here, Move Oolong: Assessing the Veracity of Tea Myths

Myth #1: There are no negative effects to drinking tea. Answer: False, 100%. Just like anything that you have too much of, tea can lead to some negative effects. For one, you can say goodbye to having flawless teeth. Most dentists have come to a consensus that the natural pigmentation of most teas are more

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